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He did not require Northern Trust Bank to give a complete accounting of a ward/husband's trust and prevented the wife from presenting her Motion of Fraud on the Court regarding a judgment against her by Commissioner Ellis. He did nothing to attorney Roger Hargrove who was supposed to be present in court for a mediation. In addition allowed Northern Trust Bank to give an incomplete accounting of the late husband 'a trust. He protects the Trust Company’s not beneficiaries. 

Allowed NO Estate Plan by the Guardian,  spending out the Trust  the Nursing Home, Attorneys, and Guardian with no pre-approval in violation of a conflict of interest- attorney for both her and the Guardian.  Allowed spending out the trust corpus in violation of  Rules of Probate, Charged the mother for the son's trial bill after he declared bankruptcy. Allowed visitation of his mother but never saw her again until her death.

After magically appearing on a case brought by people that had tried to prosecute her friend Gary Donahoe, she found the entire complaint frivolous and awarded attorneys fees of $185k to the attorneys that represented Judge Donahoe in prior proceedings, allowing the State Bar to disbar another attorney before any appeals were done. She had lunch with Donahoe and discussed case prior to ruling!

Concurred in upholding the disbarment and suspension of attorneys who were just doing their jobs and exposing corruption in the courts and State Bar of Arizona, citing incorrect legal principles and false factual allegations. They have failed to adequately supervise the lower courts despite being advised of issues and allow the same people to be on commissions and committees allowing the problems those people create to continue and grow. Have allowed the presiding disciplinary judge to create a Monarchy that places the attorneys across the State in fear of retaliation Have abdicated their roles to oversee the practice of law to  a separate organization that is not accountable to anyone.

A judicial misconduct complaint was filed against her but ignored. She had to ask the asst. attorney general in charge of the case what to do. He told her and that is what she did. She ordered transcription of tape recordings showing CPS workers lying and threatening the parents but did nothing when it was not done. Met in private with a therapist/witness and the child. No documentation of what was said or done. When they came out of chambers the judge told the courtroom that the child did not wish to return home

 As head of the Probate Court, she allowed abuse of rights, abuse of due process, violations of privacy, ex parte communications with expert witnesses and court appointed witnesses, allowed Brad Lund to be held a ward of the state and appointed a GAL without a finding of incapacity for 5 years, Brad was denied an “immediate” hearing as required by the National Probate Statutes and the AZ Probate Statures. As head of the Probate Court, her job is to see that the rights of the proposed wards, wards and their families are protected. She is to see that the directives of the proposed wards or wards are followed, that the party is protected from abuse and that the family is allowed to protect and be with their loved one.  Instead, she is aiding and abetting the abuse and violations and separation of families and theft of estates that are occurring on a daily basis.

He filed a bar complaint against an attorney alleging she violated a rule that had been changed for several years.  The bar did not pursue that allegation but concocted others.  He asked the attorney if she was really an attorney because she "didn't look like one."  He helped cover up a glaring ethical error committed by opposing counsel and sanctioned her for it instead. 


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