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She signed Disbarment Order that that had all kinds of false factual statements and wrong legal conclusions. She denied appeals regarding the wrongdoing of her buddies Judge Donahoe and Judge Myers. She headed the Probate Reform Committee which was actually set up to protect the judges and their bad behavior, not the citizens’ rights. She didn’t want accountability for the
fiduciaries to the families. She worked against the Bill’s that were presented to the Legislature that would protect the rights of the proposed ward and the family’s rights. She protects the bad behavior of the judges but does not protect the rights of the citizens. In a Supreme Court Appeal in the Brad Lund case, she stated that she thought it wouldn’t harm anyone if Judge Myers looked at Brad Lund’s privileged file from his former law firm which Dan Cracchiolo and Bryan Murphy, hostile attorneys against Brad Lund, wrongfully acquired and
refused to return to Brad’s attorney, because “everyone has already seen it”! She doesn’t believe that the attorney client privilege is important. How did she make it up to the Supreme court? She has grossly violated her Oath of office.

Presiding judge of Pima County- the father’s rights groups and Non Judicial retention group has cited problems with several commissioners not following the law.They contacted Judge Simmons about concerns of gender discrimination issues in several family court cases in Pima County. In each case, she refused to claim she had any knowledge and required the parent to appeal rather than her office void judgments that had been filed in court error. Fathers' Rights then contacted JPR Management and also the JPR Chair and JPR cited that Judge Simmons arrogantly advised JPR that JPR cannot remove or negatively review on the basis of one complaint.  In each complaint Judge Simmons made the same comment to JPR management citing only one complaint which is not true.  Judge Simmons may have utilized political views to direct and appoint pro tems. One case involved a child kidnapped against the appeals court order and the court under supervision of Judge Simmons aided the mother in taking the child to Indonesia where the child cannot be reached.

Father's Rights Club concerns of gender discrimination issues in several family court cases in Joan Wagener's Court room.  They believe the severity of Pima County Judicial conduct warrants at least impeachment. There are significant safety and financial damages to the Fathers and their children.

He has been responsible for destroying the careers of numerous attorneys while his own illegal and unethical actions have been ignored. He had his friend and neighbor on a panel that disbarred or suspended five attorneys without disclosing their relationship. He disbarred or suspended attorneys for his political motives, his discriminatory conduct, and for criticizing his fellow judges. Pleadings have shown he lied and acted for his own benefit. He ordered the State Bar to stop investigating Dan Cracchiolo who is pilfering millions from the estate of a person who needs no guardian. There is ample evidence as reported by the Arizona Republic to conclude that he committed mortgage fraud but the court refuses to act. He wrongfully stopped investigations into his buddies and allowed them to violate the rights of citizens for profit, violating his oath on numerous occasions. He allowed the attorney that arranged his short sale to practice law even while in prison and has done nothing when the attorney was released despite him being listed as a managing partner. He made the disbarment retroactive!While a judge in Pinal county, he had a nonprofit DARE that sent money to officers for questionable reasons.

Violated the National Probate Standards, the AZ Probate Statutes, the Civil Court Rules of Procedure, due process rights, the parties right to privacy, discovery rights, right to a hearing, rights to an unbiased and fair judge. Myers has denied family members the right to visit with their loved ones who he has allowed to be put into nursing homes, he has refused to follow the or proposed ward’s directives when they have
appointed who their guardian and conservator will be. He has turned wards trusts over to vultures who claim to be “fiduciaries” when the ward’s trust has designated who they want their trustee to be. He has allowed neglect and punished the family members who asked the court for help to protect their loved
ones. He has allowed opposing counsel, his buddies, to wrongfully acquire and retain a file from a party’s former law firm. He allowed them to share attorney client privilege documents with parties in two states and to file some of those privileged documents in court filings. He has been hostile to and punished
litigants who are fighting for their rights or the rights of their family
member. He has abused his power and abused his “discretion”.  He has had ex parte communications with
expert witnesses and then lied about it on the record. He has conspired with the opposing counsel to justify appointing a conservator over an estate where the party was found to be competent by two court  appointed Dr.’s and independent Dr.’s. He has grossly violated his Oath to protect the Constitutional Rights of those who come before him.

Was advised of gender discrimination concerns in family court cases and refused to address the matter, issued numerous administrative orders putting people in power who abused the system and people involved in it, and allowed the court under her leadership and State Bar to cater to political interests.  She appointed Ed Novak to all kinds of committees giving him unlimited power.  In
review of the Pima county issues with CJC – George Raeimer executive cited that according to Justice Berch the matter is a legal matter and not the responsibility of the CJC and was cited “CJC” is not a court.

Concurred in upholding the disbarment and suspension of attorneys who were just doing their jobs and exposing corruption in the courts and State Bar of Arizona, citing incorrect legal principles and false factual allegations. They have failed to adequately supervise the lower courts despite being advised of issues and allow the same people to be on commissions and committees allowing the problems those people create to continue and grow. Have allowed the presiding disciplinary judge to create a Monarchy that places the attorneys across the State in fear of retaliation Have abdicated their roles to oversee the practice of law to  a separate organization that is not accountable to anyone.